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Pembroke priest deserves apology
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Editor, I am writing in response to the Sept. 20 article, “Priest cleared of allegation, returns to Pembroke parish.”  
In my opinion, further clarification is needed.  For those interested in the truth, the charges against Father Bob Poandl were dismissed with prejudice (a very rare occurrence) because the judge found the accuser to be “untrustworthy.” This is now a fact of law.
The court order dismissing the case with prejudice can be found at  
The accuser changed the date and location of the alleged abuse once he found out that Father Bob had never even been in the first location. Sound fishy? He deleted approximately 30 pages of medical records. He ignored the judge’s order to have the doctor send the medical records directly to the judge. And while those same records were with the accuser, one page was mysteriously added, but that page wasn’t there when the judge finally got the records directly from the doctor.
Does that sound like the behavior of a victim? The true victim in all this is Father Bob Poandl, one of the holiest men this side of Heaven.
Although at least five dioceses published this unjust allegation — likely in an attempt to “fish” for other victims — not a single person came forward. I resent the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests  thinking they have the right to destroy 15 months of an innocent priest’s life.
What if someone came at you with a false allegation and you were perceived guilty until proven innocent? Put yourself in that scenario and then you’ll understand what Father Bob endured for 15 months.
His parishioners are lucky to have this holy man coming back to them. SNAP Midwest associate director Judy Jones’ comment about “Poandl’s crimes” is pure libel since he’s totally innocent. She and SNAP owe Father Bob a public apology.

— Julie Fagan
Bardstown, Ky.
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