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No growth is not the answer
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Dear Editor:


As a former resident of California, it is with great interest that I am watching all the arguments about growth vs. no-growth.

In California we had a no-growth government which pretty much put us in a recession about six months before the rest of the state. No new building made our property values go up, but it also made our property taxes triple.

By the time I escaped, the quality of life there had almost bankrupted me. I can understand Sheila "No Growth" Galbreath’s concerns, but what a ridiculous argument.

Because a lot of us weren’t born here we don’t care about the quality of our lives? We’re just biding our time before we can get the kids out of school and move somewhere else. Huh?

Look, I’ve lived in a lot of places, and everyplace I’ve lived I have considered it my home; and I’ve cared about the quality of life there. I guess I have more faith in people feeling the way I do then Ms. Galbreath does. What we do need are leaders who will plan the growth with clear thinking to the future and who will get things done that are needed right now, i.e. the widening of Highway 144, etc.


Lisa E. Long

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