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Midway cops a little over the top
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Editor, Who is scared to drive through Midway?
How many residents have been handcuffed and arrested for expired auto registrations? How many residents have been handcuffed and detained for speeding?
If your headlight, brake light or turn signal goes out between Midway and home, be careful — you will be ticketed. Dare one of those logging trucks kick up a rock and crack your windshield before you get home — you will be ticketed for a cracked windshield.  
Did I say late for work and going five miles over the speed limit equals a  ticket?  
Who has had dark red cuff marks on their wrists the next day after an arrest?
These are just some of the allegations I have heard. The people of Midway, Liberty County, the people who work here, the people who shop here keep Midway afloat. A lot of people are broke these days ... it can take time to get the money to fix some of these things.
Law and order are a good thing, being excessive and extreme is not. Respect is gained from goodness and will never ever be gained from fear.
It is my hope that someone will open their eyes to what they are doing to Midway. My car is legal and I do drive the speed limit, and I am also thinking of not shopping or stopping in Midway as protest to the ill treatment of our citizens by the very people hired to protect us.
— Suzie Scherz
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