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Memorial Day's true meaning
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Was Memorial Day declared a holiday so you ,"John Public" can take the day off? Or you "Johnnie Public" can stay home from school a day.?

No. That's not the meaning of Memorial Day. It's so America can pay respect for the fallen men and women who paid the "ultimate" price for your freedom.

Did you think that "freedom" was "free?"

Oh my, how wrong you are.

Ever since America was founded, we have had to fight to keep our freedom. Do most non-veterans recognize the importance of the day set aside to honor the dead veterans?

Most Americans take for granted their freedom. They seem to forget someone spilled their blood in combat so that you can enjoy your freedom.

Veterans come from all walks of life and different areas of the United States, but have one thing in common; "LOYALTY" to their country and freedom for all mankind.

Mayor Richard Davis was on a trip and saw a veterans monument in another city,

He came home, put down on paper his ideas along with the help of others. He asked the help of American Legion Post 27, a Richmond Hill post, for their assistance,

In J.F. Gregory Park you see his and others' dream. One of the finest, if not the finest Veterans Memorial in the state of Georgia. It makes me so proud to have assisted in this beautiful adventure. Mayor Davis, I know I can speak for all veterans in this area. "Thank you sir," for caring.

On May 28th in Gregory Park, Richmond Hill along with various veterans groups will be having a memorial ceremony for the fallen veterans. We are recognizing them for their service to this great country we live in and the "ultimate" price they paid for our freedom.

The bricks that line the walk at the Walls of Recognition are etched with the names of veterans. No other way can you pay respect or honor a loved one that served their country than to have their name "etched" in a brick at "Freedom Walk." The bricks cost $50 and forms may be picked up at City Hall.

Please, those of you in Richmond Hill, come to J.F. Gregory Park on May 28 at approximately 11 a.m. for a few minutes and honor those that have died for this country,

The late Gen. MacArthur quoted to congress on his retirement day, "Old soldiers never die , they just fade away." So please come and honor those killed in combat and those that have faded away.

The American Legion motto: For God and Country, God Bless America and its military in harms way.

Don't forget the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Bill Helms

Senior Vice Commander

American Legion Post 27

Richmond Hill



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