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Lets work together for our children
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Dear Editor:



In my role as Vice-Chairman of the Board, I represent the best interests of 6,720 children.

I am a retired educator; in no other profession is there so much to be positive about, so much to be proud of. I have invested my life in providing the best possible educational and extracurricular opportunities for children, first as a teacher, then as an administrator, and now as Vice-Chairman of the board. In spite of spitefulness of those who attack me and what I love, I know it is a life well spent.

It is possible to disagree and not be disagreeable. The parents in our school system have many ways to give the board and superintendent input. All of us have an e-mail on the system’s website. All of us hear public comment when it occurs at our public meetings. There is a very active parent advisory committee which meets regularly with our superintendent. She reports the results of these meetings to us. These parents are a positive voice for our children. They were selected by school councils, and the input they give comes from the many parents with whom they come in contact.

When there is something negative said about our schools or system, why are the same few names attached to the attacks, regardless of the topic? A concerned parent is much more effective if he or she addresses issues rather than attacking people, particularly if the attack is upon someone the attacker has no acquaintance with and no information about. Why attack the superintendent? Her formal evaluation shows accomplishment of every task set by the board. Why attack the board? It has completed a self-assessment with a plan to set even higher goals. As a person who has dedicated my life to the needs of children, I do not understand such behavior. Every time we state pride for our test scores, we balance that with our desire to do better in every area in the present year. Success is measured by real numbers, not in frivolous talk. By the way, two of those objective measures are that we outscored everybody in the area on our SAT’s. Over the last five years, which just happens to match Dr. Brewer’s term in office, we have increased our graduation rate by 17 percent. A coincidence? I think not, but ask her what she attributes this to and she quickly and graciously says it is accomplished by a highly qualified staff which receives generous resources from our board. She is a team player. Of what use is a person who only attempts to tear down? Of no use! A useful person becomes part of a movement to find solutions to problems and to improve life for children. Selfish, self-centered individuals think in terms of I, me, and my. Negative remarks springing from a wicked urge to harm attempt to tear down a person and end up staining a community. The heart of the fine reputation of Richmond Hill is the quality of its schools.

The board and superintendent have many laws and ethical standards to uphold. When there is a personnel issue or a student issue, the offended party goes to parents and to the media and dispenses misrepresentations of the facts. The public has to trust the board to do what is right; and the board has to trust its public will know that the board acts in the best interests of the children. When the facts come out from people who CAN relate personnel or student information, not once has anyone apologized to the board or superintendent for wrongful accusations. It is part of our job. Do right. Keep required confidences. Keep the face of Bryan County’s children uppermost in thoughts and actions.




We have never had better support from our parents. Remember, one person does not a mandate make. Our schools log thousands of parent volunteer hours every year. Have a PTSO meeting, and parking is at a premium. Ask for help with a fundraiser or special event, and there are more people available than needed. A negative parent does not have a mandate from the other 5599. It seems to me that the problem of the few is that they are frustrated at being part of the few. I invite you to join the group of parents, school people, and board members who use their energy to support and nurture the efforts of our schools rather than trying to destroy them. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Come be part of the very positive effort to provide continuous improvement for Bryan County Schools.








Frances Meeks


Vice-Chairman of the Board






All of our meetings are announced to the required contact, the Bryan County News, and also to Bryan County Now which has next-day publication possibilities through the Savannah Morning News. Regular meetings are advertised in the newspaper, and called meetings are posted on the website.



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