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Importance of coming election
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Dear Editor: The election on Nov. 2 is probably the most important one in recent memory and may be the most important since the founding of our country. The choice is between moving ahead with the Democratic Party’s progressive agenda or returning to a constitutionally limited government as was intended by our Founding Fathers.
The current regime, over the objections of a majority of Americans: passed health care regulations that will take away the freedom of choice of coverage for millions; passed the Troubled Asset Relief Program that enabled the federal government to take over General Motors and insinuate the federal government into the business dealings of many other businesses; failed to act on restructuring or closing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; failed to pass legislation that would help businesses create jobs; increased the size of the federal government, bribed members of Congress with taxpayers money to vote for onerous provisions in bills; called conservative voters names because they disagreed with the regime’s policies and encouraged class division based on economic and racial issues.
To be sure, these actions have had the support of members of both the Democratic and Republican parties who are intent on changing America forever. These demagogues have had their 15 minutes of fame.
The time has come to change the direction in which our federal government is headed. We as a people are blessed to have a form of government that enables us to elect candidates that are responsive to the true feelings of the electorate. We can choose those that will restore our unalienable rights and limited government or those that will continue to take us down the socialist path we are heading. Which will it be? Who will we become? America or Amerika? I choose America.

Bill Jeffreys
Richmond Hill

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