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I lost a hero
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I got a phone call last week; it was my sister telling me that Jack Shuman had died. I was heartbroken by this news.

I had not seen Jack much in the past years since I move away from Pembroke years ago. When I did get to see him it was like we had seen each other every day and I still lived there.

When I was a teenager trying to be a man, Jack showed me that there was no hurry to grow up so fast, and enjoy the moment. He taught me a lot of things that my Dad was not able to do, such as ride a dirt bike, cook on the grill, shoot pool – you know the good things when you’re sixteen. He had a great love for rock music, and helped me take my love for music and turn it into a great passion. He taught me everything that I know about high performance engines. He introduced me to all types of racing. His favorite was Drag Racing, and we spent many nights at the drag strip in Savannah. He made me a MOPAR MAN!!

Being with Jack meant you got to cruise around town in the coolest and best cars in town.

He did more for me than he will ever know. He showed me how to work on things, and repair cars to which I took that passion and made a career out of as a technician for the railroad. But to me he was much more than a relative. To me Jack was a best friend, a teacher, a mentor, and one of my heroes. He was a person that would help out and not ask for anything in return. Just knowing him made me a better person. Every time I see a motorcycle, go to a race, or pick up a wrench I will remember Jack Shuman and say thank you for all that you were to me.


Nolan Keith Geiger

Lillian, Ala.

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