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Hold Obama accountable
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Dear Editor: I’m sick of whining Obama blaming Bush for the deficit as he (Obama) is equally responsible for our financial woes.
The facts are that in 1994 Community Organizer Obama taught classes to ACORN leaders on how to intimidate banks to make subprime loans and as a member of Congress he passed these massive spending bills. Budgets come from Congress and the Democrats have controlled Congress from January 2007 to 2010, and, as president, Obama signed the budgets in 2009 and 2010 with no complaints! Often during these Democrat controlled years, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, equally guilty of the deficit, bypassed Bush, passing resolutions to keep government running. Bush was remiss in not wielding the president’s veto power to put a hold on spending, but the truth about the deficit is that Obama helped promote the failing of the banks; as an elected official, he voted for the financial increase in budgets and as president, he has voted to expand the deficit four-fold.
One wonders why the media doesn’t expose Obama’s misstatements. I figure maybe they approve of socialism; are ignorant of history; or are too lazy to do investigating research or don’t know how!

Liz Bartlett
Richmond Hill, Ga.
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