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Green eggs and ham
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Dear Editor: Enjoyed the article in Wednesday’s paper on Lanier Primary School’s Teacher of the Year, Alison Holcombe. The accompanying picture of her “whipping up green eggs and ham” reminded me of a childhood experience I had with that.
 I may have been 12 or 13, one St. Patrick’s Day back in the 1960’s, when my mom sent one of my younger brothers back to my bedroom to ask what did I want for breakfast that day? Filled with the excitement of going to the St. Pat’s Day parade later on, and being a bit of a smart-aleck, I took my clue from a Dr. Seuss book my mom had recently been reading to one of my brothers, and answered, “Green Eggs and Ham!”
 He dutifully reported same to my mom, who knew I was joking, and sent him back to ask again. I gave him the same answer, which he took back to the kitchen. He returned shortly with her response, “No, really, what do you want for breakfast this morning?”
 By now I was full of it, and gave him the same answer. So you can enjoy the look on my face when I got to the kitchen, a few minutes later, and saw a plate full of green eggs and ham sitting in my place! My mom, inventive woman that she was, had found a bottle of green food coloring we’d gotten to color Easter eggs with, and used it on my breakfast.
 Everyone in the family had a good laugh at my expense that morning, and I wound up opting for a bowl of cold cereal instead. Couldn’t face that plate of green eggs and ham!

Rafe Semmes


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