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Gore no fool, doesn't deserve label
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Dear Editor:


I see Mrs. DeBry is at her hate mongering again. The last person in this country right now who deserves the label of fool is Al Gore, his cause is at least a noble one. I can think of at least 10 other people at the top of our present government who could more truthfully wear that label. Ones who have given themselves absolute power, caused the deaths of almost 4, 000 of our finest and bravest young people, amassed the largest national debt in history, are trying to make ignorant people believe that raising taxes won’t be necessary to get rid of that debt, and can only come up with cutting health insurance for children as a way of raising money for that purpose. As for Social Security being lumped in with welfare (in one of Mrs. DeBry’s previous columns) food stamps, and public housing. I don’t know if Mrs. DeBry has ever had a job or not, but I worked for 20 some years, raised three children, put them through college, with the help of my husband, and a chunk of every paycheck I ever received was paid into Social Security and Medicare, and I never resented a penny of it. Because I knew that it would help me out in later years. It was a savings plan for me, by me. I understand it has a surplus not a deficit. And we all know if the government would keep its hands out of it, get it out of the general fund, and quit using it to pay for other things like wars of greed and power over another countries natural resources, it would be fine. I believe Social Security is one of the best things the United States Government has ever done for its people, I guess Republicans just can’t stand that it was initiated by a Democrat! Who cares, it’s a good plan. Where does all this venom come from! I could almost see your hair standing on end while reading your last hateful article. As for labeling the Nobel Committee a pathetic joke. Would she have had the same reaction if they had chosen G.W.Bush for the "peace" prize! Get out of the gutter with Ann Coulter and write something useful, that contains some real information that might help people elect a decent president this time. We need some good people in Washington. Who can leave their ideologies at home and get down to solving this countries real problems. Like our reputation in the world. I want my country to be a strong protector not a strong bully. I would like to hear somebody talk about dismantling these little signing statements Bush and Cheney have used to give themselves absolute power. Did everybody miss that? That absolute power is going to be there when the next bunch comes in, who ever they are. I want to know what candidate is going to give up that power, when they get in to office. No one in this country should be above the law.



Libby Serrao

Democrat, somewhat Liberal, Progressive



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