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Facts haven't been told about S chip
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Dear Editor:


I blame the media for not giving more facts about this S chip, i.e., the Child's Insurance (Extended) Program. The facts are that it is no longer just for children. The Democrats have raised the child's age to 25 – 25 years old, a child? They also raised the poverty income level of a family of four to $82,000. This is not poor.

There are 12 states that over the years have spent the majority of their allotment for this insurance program on adults. One of those states is Minnesota, which spent 90 percent of the program's money on adults. (Remember the collapsed bridge there. That state received nearly $500 million in congressional earmarks, none of which were directed to fix up their bridge. You just can't trust our officials who handle any money.)

It also does not stipulate where it includes illegal aliens. As it is, the taxpayer per household is paying about $1,000 a year for illegal aliens. Adding them to this program will add more money that the taxpayer is going to be burdened with.

Adding this extended program, which is NOT for children, to the already expensive one that it is, will not only cost billions, but just add to a socialist program getting the U.S. into becoming a full bloom socialist country.

Socialism, in short, is redistributing wealth with the government running our lives. Hello out there.


Liz Bartlett

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