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Drivers should have to pay for actions
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In response to the article printed in the Bryan County News by Luke Hearn on March 16, 2007, we first say that we agree that this is a tragedy. It’s a tragedy that we, the Reagin family, have lived with every second, of every minute, of each day since Jack Barfield IV, decided to drive in such a manner which robbed this family of two precious lives. The Barfield family is only now seemingly beginning to have to deal with the "Tragedy of Loss" but only because their son faces the possibility of being sentenced to serve a period of incarceration in our State’s Penitentiary. Their perceived loss pales in comparison as their loved one will eventually come home, whereas, we will never see Ginger or Garrett again on this earth. So please tell us, which is the greater tragedy?

Second, we feel that this "deepest and most heartfelt sympathy" extended by the Barfield family is disingenuous at best. If this was truly how they felt, in the past two years why have they not already extended their sympathies? Surely if this was "heartfelt," it would not have taken them two years to extend it. We as a family feel that this statement is nothing more than a ploy to garner some sympathy for themselves from both the Judge and this community.

Third, driving is a privilege; not a right and parents have a duty to teach this to their children. Children that are given everything in life without the benefit of learning responsibility, respect, and any sort of ethic, go through life believing that their parents will take care of everything for them. It is apparent that Jack Barfield IV is one of those children. While the late extension of sympathy came from the Barfield Family, nothing has yet been said directly by "Jackie" as he is called in their family statement.

In the last two years, "Jackie" has been so traumatized by this that he has lived his life as if nothing happened. He has gone on cruises, UGA football games, dates, etc. Garrett didn’t even get to the first grade, let alone a first date.

In conclusion, we the Reagins are not willing to accept what we see as a misplaced manipulative media savvy offer of sympathy used as another ploy and attempt to paint "Jackie" as a victim. We are truly sorry that Jack Barfield IV has thrown his life away, but he should have been taught that there are consequences to every choice we make. He chose to drive in such a reckless manner that cost us the lives of Ginger and Garrett, so therefore, he should have to deal with those consequences.


Dr. Ronald Reagin and Mrs. Nancy Reagin


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