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DNR board stripped of another voice
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Sally Bethea, Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (, was kicked off the Department of Natural Resources Board by the Georgia Senate last week. The Department of Natural Resources Board makes critical decisions regarding the preservation and protection of our waterways and land.

Ms. Bethea is the third advocate for our natural resources to be removed from the Department of Natural Resources Board in the past five months. The two others, Sara Clark and Ralph Callaway, were removed after trying to help prevent rules that would weaken protections for the marsh.

Ms. Bethea’s dismissal, along with the others, sends a clear message: too many of our politicians are working with big business and developers to silence voices calling for cleaner air and water in Georgia.

Three Senators from southeast Georgia, Senator Tommie Williams (Lyons), Senator Eric Johnson (Savannah), and Senator Jack Hill (Reidsville) were on the Senate committee that completely ignored Governor Perdue’s recommendation and struck Sally Bethea’s name from his list of appointees.

It is absolutely critical that you let these senators and the Governor know that you want a DNR board that will protect and preserve clean air and water. Our state officials should be working to serve the interests of all Georgians -- not just a handful of powerful industries and fat cat developers.

Chandra Brown

Executive Director of Ogeechee-Canoochee Riverkeeper.

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