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Crime now lives within our streets
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Dear Editor:


I feel compelled to share a story about a very unfortunate event that happened to me in Richmond Hill on Wednesday, Jan. 9. Actually, I guess I want to apologize to my community. I allowed my sense of apparently false security to lull me into inviting crime into our fair town.You see, I moved with my family to Richmond Hill about 18 months ago from a very large city in the western U.S. I was so excited to finally live in a small town again, to feel safe and secure and know that the big, bad world was far, far away. Oops... I better wake up from my daydream now!

Sadly, I made a very foolish overture to a petty thief. I left my purse and cell phone hidden under my front seat (but in my locked and alarmed car) while parked in front of a church in our community. I guess I felt safe - I was in a church parking lot, my items were no way visable, my car was locked and I was inside the building for less than 10 minutes. I returned with my daughter to find our window smashed and my car covered with glass. There was a funeral home less than 25 yards away with people milling about getting ready for a service, workers cleaning the exterior of another building on the church grounds and other cars parked within sight of my own car. And, a thief watching and waiting for an opportunity.

With that said, I’ve filed a police report and insurance claims but, to coin a phrase - I feel so violated. I share the shame with this thief - I made it too tempting for them to pass me by. After all, they had to have been waiting and watching for someone like me as I exited a car with only a set of keys in my hand. The tempation to find the proverbial handbag of my life was just to much to pass by I guess. I’m sorry Richmond Hill...I just made it too easy for a thief to feel right at home in our community. Please don’t follow my lead. I guess our town really is just like the big city I left after all. Crime doesn’t just visit the truck stops and gas stations by the interstate. Now it lives within the tree lined streets of our little town too.


Cyndy Glasscock

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