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Computers needed for seniors
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Dear editor: I spend a lot of time volunteering at an Adult Day Care/Health Center in Richmond Hill called Coastal Care, Inc. aka Harmony House. I fell in love with the clients the first day there and have never left. Presently I plan all their activities each month on a very limited budget. The clients have a variety of illnesses and restrictions so I try to find things every person can participate in.
During a trip to the library I noticed a couple of clients sat at the children’s computer and played the games for the entire hour and a half we were there. This brought a lot of joy to these clients and the games were not only educational but also they stimulate their brains, along with eye hand coordination.
With the economy the way it is purchasing computers for the center right now is out of the question. I don’t need new computers since there will be no need for lots of programs nor will they be used for Internet. I am searching for a couple of older computers so we can put some educational games on each one.
Besides the educational and coordination benefits, the room where the computers will be set up will also serve as a quiet room for those who require less stimulation.
So as you can see a donation of an older computer that may be just hanging around taking up space may be beneficial to many others.
If you have one or know of someone who would be willing to donate one please feel free to contact me at the Harmony House Monday through Friday at 756-6026 or home and leave a message 653-5878.
Thank you so much for taking time to read this. Also if you would like to check out Harmony House we are on Facebook.

Have a great day,
Cindy Milloy

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