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City Center is part of community
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Dear editor: The Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau (RHCVB) would like to take this opportunity to express its support for the Richmond Hill City Center. Recently, much has been discussed about the financial impact of the City Center on our community. We understand these concerns and agree that the City Center must continue to work on its financial efficiency. As tourism professionals, we also understand and would like to communicate to the community, that the success of the venue cannot be judged solely by its direct financial impact.
The RHCVB office is in the City Center and is a daily witness to the many types of diverse events being held each week at the venue. To date, the City Center has served as host to over 7,000 people. From Sonny Dixon and Gov. Sonny Perdue at the Chamber of Commerce dinner, to the many business and training meetings, to bridal and family celebrations, the City Center is seen by those outside of our community as proof that Richmond Hill is looking to the future and its role as a leader among the communities in the Savannah metro area. Other communities in our area are looking at the City Center and discussing ways they can create this type of venue to offer to their residents and visitors.
Lastly, as previously discussed in various news articles, one of the main sources of funding for the construction of the City Center is the hotel/motel tax. This is a tax paid to our community by visitors, not local residents. This week alone, meetings were held at the City Center that created bookings of 16 hotel rooms at our local hotels and contributed to our tax base with funds from outside our community. These visitors also purchase gas, eat out and shop while they are here. All of this helps grow our economy and lessens the burden to local tax payers.
The City Center is a part of our community now. As it continues to evolve toward having a more positive financial impact on our community, we ask that people look at the long-term positive impact this building can have on our lives.

Board of Directors,
Richmond Hill Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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