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Change could be costly
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I am writing concerning the conversion of the Southeast Probation Detention Center in Claxton into a Transitional Center for inmates transitioning out of the State Prison System. Bryan County presently contracts two crews from the Southeast Probation Detention Center saving Bryan County in excess of $400,000 per year in labor costs. I understand that crews are also located in Toombs County (2), Bulloch County (1), Tattnall County (2), Evans County (1) and with the DOT (1).

At a savings of $200,000 per crew another $1,400,000 is saved by the taxpayers of those counties per year as well. The Counties pay for the Detention Center personnel that work with the crews as well as providing transportation, gas and tools. If this transition takes place Bryan County stands to lose the two crews it contracts with at the present time. I have been told by the Department of Corrections that we will continue to get our crews, however, the closest Detention Center is in Twin City, making the trip 100 miles per day instead of 34 miles per day or almost four hours of driving time per day instead of one hour per day.

It has also been said that we might get our crews from the State Prison in Glennville. Presently our crews are considered probationers and working them at our parks has not posed a problem. Coming from the State Prison System we would be getting inmates who have been incarcerated for more violent crimes and who still have time remaining on their prison sentence. Personally, I don’t see why these transitional inmates can’t continue to be bused from Glennville to the Poultry Plant to work.

I understand that Claxton Poultry is presently transporting workers so why can’t they simply bus more if that is what they need and leave the Detention Center as it is and save the surrounding Counties over $1,800,000 per year in labor costs.

Pratt Lockwood, Director

Bryan County Recreation Department

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