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Accusations are untrue
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Dear editor: Your paper allowed a letter from a Dennis Todd titled “Who’s in charge in Bryan County?”
My name was used to make a point that obviously is bothering Mr. Todd, and accusations were made that referenced my name. I haven’t heard from him in almost three years.
A call from your paper to me would have prevented any misinformation that may have been the opinion of Mr. Todd.
I felt our project had merit, and we were not shy on expressing our thoughts. But on hindsight, it worked out to our advantage to have been delayed. Being involved in a multimillion dollar project in this market would have been a disaster.
After our project had been turned down, my partner and I met with Mr. Toby Roberts twice, Mr. Phil Jones twice and the county engineer three times to see where we could come to a satisfactory agreement. We appreciate the time they gave us.
Jonda Inc. had some confusion on which direction to continue and Mr. Roberts suggested we talk with Johnny Murphy for ideas on development and we were interested in picking his brain for estimated cost. At a lunch with Mr. Murphy, he was very informative and very knowledgeable, and for that Dr. Dailey and I want to thank him and his wife.
I am sorry if Mr. Todd read anything else into my meetings, but under no circumstance did I or would I insinuate that anything unethical was required or referred. Never did we talk with Mr. Murphy about hiring him as a consultant or having him as a partner.
I appreciate Mr. Todd’s support of our project. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with any of his opinions, only those that are directly related to Don Jones or Jonda LLC.

Don H. Jones
Richmond Hill

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