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A simple fix will save lives
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Dear Editor:


When riding down Hwy. 144, I usually see people walking or bike riding between Parker’s gas station and Fort McAllister Road. They usually walk on the grass, right next to cars driving past at 60 mph. This is very, very dangerous. In parts of our neighborhood, we have a bike trail running for about a mile off 144 and into the woods. This was built because a person was riding their skateboard down 144 and was hit and killed. What I’m trying to propose is a sidewalk continuing on from Parker’s and ending near Fort McAllister. Too many people are walking down 144 and more people will be killed if nothing is done. It would be simple, parts of the shoulder are already level, and all you would need is sand and concrete. It’s a simple fix that would bring jobs and would save lives.


Thomas Kretschmar



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