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A message to District 4 voters
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Dear Editor: I just want to say “thank you” to all the citizens in the Fourth District that voted for me and for the outpouring of support you have given me over the last eight months I’ve been campaigning.
As you go back to vote in the runoff election, I encourage you to compare my qualifications for the office to my opponent.
I have been very involved in numerous community organizations for many years, including the Richmond Hill Recreation Association, both as a coach and past president, RH Rotary Club, President Gridiron Club, Christmas Parade Committee, Friends of Ft. McAllister and several other private and public community service groups. It’s always a team effort in every group, and I’ve learned something every time I have volunteered. My opponent has had no community involvement.
My opponent has taken much effort, though, in pointing out that he has “no business interests” in Bryan County. I view that as a negative rather than a positive. Sherri, my wife of nearly 30 years, and I own more than one successful business here in Bryan County, and we pay plenty of taxes because of it. I’m very proud of the fact that since the age of 19 I have owned and operated several of my own businesses. I am my own boss, and my own man. I have always had to figure things out on my own, not having others telling me what to do. There is no substitute for that experience.
I believe your choice is very clear in this election. You can once again cast your vote for someone who has spent the last decade working and volunteering countless hours to local community service groups that make Bryan County a great place to live, or you can vote for someone who hasn’t. You can vote for someone who has owned, operates and has invested his life savings in several businesses here in Bryan County, or you vote for someone who hasn’t.
The runoff election is Nov. 30, so please do your part by getting out and voting. There are many challenges ahead of us here in Bryan County, and I appreciate your support more than you know. We won the primary, we won the popular vote, and now I need your help again to win the runoff. The third time is the charm.

Butch Broome
Richmond Hill
(912) 313-5042

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