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A lesson to be learned
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My house was rolled during the eve and morning of President’s Day by members of the boys’ soccer team at Richmond Hill High School. My daughter, neighbors and I spent countless hours cleaning the trash from our yards that morning. Days later, the remnants of these boys activities require daily clean up of wet toilet paper, shredded magazines and colored hard candy that have blown over and marred our beautiful neighborhood.

My daughter is a competition/football cheerleader at Richmond Hill High School. Her coach and other adults associated with this team make it very clear to these girls on a regular basis that their behavior in the classroom, on the football field, on the competition mat or "around town" is a direct reflection of themselves, their parents, their school and the city of Richmond Hill. If these boys received the same guidance, it went unheeded. It is unfortunate they had nothing more productive to do the night before a national school holiday than to trespass onto and vandalize another’s property.

My neighbors and I thought they did a thorough job and are convinced that the future holds wonderful things for these deviant juveniles and adults. If they complete college and/or pursue a career in the premeditated, organized, methodical and complete manner in which they attacked my home – what a success they will be. I hope their next endeavors are more honorable, legal, ethical, honest and moral than the one they recently chose. I also hope someone can teach them the value of a dollar earned and saved vs. wasted and time well spent vs. wasted.

Boys, give yourselves the Common Sense Checklist:

1. Is it safe?

2. Is it moral?

3. Is it legal?

4. Does it make sense?

If you answer one "no," don’t do it.

Although I know who many of these young men are, I chose not to press charges. Each of us is human and makes mistakes. One of the participants who is also on the Richmond Hill High School football team for which my daughter cheers (go figure) has called and apologized for his actions.

Thank you for printing this letter. Perhaps it will be a lesson learned for all of us about our children’s activities and choices in life.


Anne Dykes


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