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A disregard for Christian traditions
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I am dismayed about the seemingly complete disregard of Christian traditions by those who are in leadership positions at our schools and in our community also.

Just look at Wednesdays. Wednesday evenings used to be "church" evenings. Worship services, Bible studies, youth group meetings, etc. Nowadays even Wednesday evenings are gobbled up by all sorts of sports. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, even school dances. How can "church" compete with all those extremely important activities?

Not possible.

Now look at Holy Week. This is the week before Easter. In order for our Lord Jesus Christ to rise from the dead (that’s what Easter is all about, is it not?), He had to suffer and die first. This is what we prayerfully remember during Holy Week. Thursday of that week is called Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday. Many churches have solemn services that evening to remember our Lord’s Last Supper. As a Christian, one might seriously consider attending a church service that evening. But wouldn’t you know it: Open House at the Richmond Hill High School is that very same evening!

All 8th graders and their parents are expected to go there and wander the halls, and talk to teachers (who also have to be there, of course, even if they’d rather be at church).

It makes me really sad that Open House was not scheduled for a different day. Is nobody thinking? Or does the school system really have to make every effort to protect our children from religion?

You might argue that all this is my personal opinion, but I have a feeling that I am not the only one who is dismayed.


Irmi Casteel

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