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Letter to the editor: We don’t need war with Russia
Letter to the Editor generic


Please no involvement in war with Russia. Let weak kneed Europe save themselves for a change. 

We’ve spent enough taxpayers money and Americans blood for all of them. Putin is a bully but has nuclear weapons that makes him dangerous. Russia is about the size of Texas but its GDP is way below that of the aforementioned and Russia can be defeated with isolation and a economic block. 

Either way let Europe start solving their own problems. 

The Chinese are a different story. We either confront them in Taiwan or they sweep north through our Southern Hemisphere from Venezuela where they are establishing bases for expansion not to help anyone but to get a toehold for their ambitions against us. After all they already have a toehold in Cuba supposedly for drilling in the Gulf. And never forget they are using our money and technology against us. We are literally financing our enemies everywhere with help of corrupt and naïve people.

 So you treehuggers that worried about the evil oil companies spoiling your summer vacation now have something else to complain about. It just goes on and on but a little research on those phones you never put down and possibly read a book once in a while will help open your eyes. Just remember it requires common sense when doing research because the written word is now easily distorted. Politicians have always required scrutiny for doublespeak but the new media is just as likely to misinterpret information for their own selfish purposes.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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