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Letter to the editor: Two ways of dealing with student’s gesture
Letter to the Editor generic


My daughter has been a teacher in a high school for 25 years. She incurred a major problem with mold in her classroom along with some of her students one year and some years later, a teacher who accosted her sexually who has also attacked others. Both incidents the school did nothing.

Now my daughter has 44 students in her class with only half speaking English. With its many problems, it also has gangs. My daughter some months ago, seeing a gang member wondering the halls at school, asked him to please remove his hat and find his classroom. He turned, “made a hand gesture as if he were shooting my daughter” and ran out of the school. The principal did nothing, but my daughter was terrified with the thought of a gang coming after her and has not returned to school and is now on long term disability because of all that has affected her over these years with no backing, she is just worn out.

I sent Senator Warner information of the problems at this school and of the gangs and he wrote back he would send the information to the Public Schools Superintendent. Senators are not responsible for the schools, but if I were a senator, I would at least be concerned about gangs and make a visit to the school so I would know my district to know it was safe!!!

My eye caught the Savannah Morning News reporting a student doing the same gesture at South Effingham High School that was done to my daughter at her school, but the school dealt with the student. I tip my hat to the school to see it cares for their students and teachers.

Liz Bartlett Richmond Hill 

Editor’s note: The writer’s daughter doesn’t teach in a local school.

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