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Letter to the editor: Tim Scott’s rattle and hum
Letter to the Editor generic


In his “rebuttal” to President Biden’s congressional address Senator Tim Scott (RSC) says Republicans had five Covid-19 relief bills last year and “every one of them were bipartisan, yet Biden’s was passed solely along partisan lines.”

This bears witness to one fact: Democrats will work with Republican presidents for the good of the nation; Republicans will not.

Thank Newt Gingrich and his 1994 memo telling Republican candidates to refer to Democrats as “demonic” and “traitors”, ad nauseam. Should anyone EVER compromise with demons and traitors? Probably not.

Tim Scott wears an empty hat when he minimizes and discounts the suffering of his Black brothers and sisters, but it’s par-for-the-course for a man who never put himself up for a primary but was appointed by party operatives looking to counter the racist claims against them.

All they had to do was drag a hook through a certain kind of church. Sadly.

The problem with Tim Scott’s “conservatism” is that it ignores the fact that modern American conservatism was founded upon segregation (ala William F. Buckley, Jr’s National Review) which then morphs into a new prejudice after losing that battle, against a different minority, LGBTQ (conservative politics needs a human face to generate outrage). One would think a man like Senator Scott who has suffered discrimination would know better, but nope; most Black “conservatives” seem to have in-common a church-centric homophobia. Comes cheaper than dirt. And it mocks everything Jesus stands for.

But I digressed (into my pet-peeve, Black homophobia).

I found it incredibly telling that no sooner had Scott started preaching at us, a national audience, and almost immediately he morphed into fallacy. He wants us to believe that he asked at least two people who called him the “n-word” what their political leanings were and one answered “liberal” and another “progressive.”

Seems to me anyone who uses such slurs is specifically, by definition, not liberal or progressive.

Lastly, it was also telling that Scott had no answer, or alternative, to Biden’s and the Democrat’s agenda. I heard nothing about how Republicans would meet our post-pandemic needs, just culture-war cliches, rattle and hum; surely, the ideological noise before defeat (which isn’t to say I wouldn’t prefer the parties learn to work together again, like Reagan and Tip O’Neill, but it won’t happen until Republican voters stop sending knuckleheads like Marjorie Taylor Greene-with-envy- over-AOC’s-beauty to Congress to represent them).

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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