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Letter to the editor: Never question Dems’ patriotism again
Letter to the Editor generic


Never again should the people of this country question who the real patriots are.

Immediately following the 2020 presidential election Sean Hannity of Fox “News” said, “We can never really know for sure who won this election, the real numbers.” And he’s exactly right. By half.

We are counting tens of millions of votes. And while we do it one district, one tiny hamlet, one small town, one city, equaling one state, at a time, the fact is, we can be off here and there. But you know why that’s OK? Because long ago we made a pact in this country, a constitutional pact between two schools of thought, two different political persuasions, but with one constant in mind, always at the forefront: unity and cooperation are more important than which party wins the White House by exact numbers. A code of honor.

Heck, we even came up with a system, outdated though it may be, to guard against bigger states pushing around smaller states (by population): The Electoral College.

But even with all that knowledge, Republicans and their wild-eyed pundits and politicians (GOP Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz come to mind) just could not keep it together and honor that most sacred of pacts. (We knew Trump wouldn’t.) Nope, they just had to juice their supporters and rile them up so much that on January 6, 2021, they invaded the Capitol and killed people, including a police officer. (At least thirteen riot participants were current, active law enforcement officers too; so never again tell Black Lives Matter, liberals and the left, that we are imagining dirty cops.) At any rate, Hillary Clinton had a much better case to make for questioning the outcome in 2016, she lost by about 78-thousand votes from three districts, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Detroit. Trump lost big. It is a fact that if the same voters who showed-up for President Barack Obama in 2012 had shown-up for Hillary Clinton in 2016, she would’ve won.

We know what it feels like to lose. And we, Hillary Clinton supporters, lost to a scoundrel (most every Republican pre-2016-nomination labelled Trump a scoundrel, including GOP Senator Lindsey Graham). At least Joe Biden is a good man.

The point is, Democrats have far more reason to riot and storm the Capitol (oh, and we have also won the popular vote in 7 of the past 8 elections, yet the Supreme Court has been packed the past few years by Republican nominees), but we don’t, it’s called honor, it’s called patriotism.

America first.

Republicans could take a lesson.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

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