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Letter to the Editor: Don’t mix apples and oranges
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I read an article by Richard Cohen saying the Republicans should denounce Vice President Mike Pence’s views against same sex marriage as bigoted while comparing Pence’s views with the picture found of the governor of Virginia when in college dressed in a costume with a black face.

I think Cohen’s article is misleading because the governor of Virginia has nothing to do with the Republicans, but mostly the Democrats. In this article, Cohen has stated his beliefs and President Pence and others have their opinions, too.

Besides his misleading the reader by bringing in the Republicans, it is obvious Mr. Cohen does not like President Trump or the Republicans with his snide remarks and comparison of homosexuality vs. someone dressing up in a costume, which have nothing to do with one another.

It is articles like Cohen’s that are uncalled for.

Uncalled for also is the hoopla over something that happened 35 years ago when the political climate was different, but no one would know about 35 years ago as our schools and colleges don’t teach American history.

The situation was brought up maybe because a Democrat wants Gov. Ralph Northam’s “job?’ And why the lieutenant governor of Virginia’s accuser stepped forward after all these years is questionable, too.

Those who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual attacks were proven not to have credible stories and they should be in jail.

Why don’t people like Cohen write a factual story about the Democrats who supported the lying women who tried to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation, but have not apologized to the judge??

Or the Democrats who support killing babies or the Democrats who do inside trading, profit from their earmarks, lie on their record and the cost to the law abiding taxpayers who are forced to pay for illegals.

Write about the Democrats who are making me pay for illegals which makes them a corrupt party as they support illegals.

Why I don’t mention Republicans, they want legals in our country and to criticize people’s beliefs, apples and oranges should not be mixed.

Elizabeth Bartlett

Richmond Hill

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