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Letter to Editor: An open letter to President Trump
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Dear Mr. President:

I am a retired military officer (chaplain, major, United States Army) and a former enlisted Vietnam veteran. At age 17, I joined the army because I believed in America. I volunteered to fight in Vietnam with the 198th Light Infantry Brigade 1967-68 during one of the most turbulent times to be in Vietnam. I believed that I fought for the freedom and benefit of all Americans. America has been and will continue to be great in spite of rhetoric to the contrary. What makes America great is that we stand for justice and liberty for all. With some exceptions, since Vietnam and since my retirement from the Army in 1989, I have felt secure and safe knowing that as an American, I did not have to worry about my survival. I have felt blessed.

However, since you have come into office, I have some grave concerns about my safety and the safety of my family and loved ones. Your rhetoric has incited racist terrorist groups within America that are mounting efforts all across our great nation to, by force and terroristic strategies, eliminate blacks and other minorities in an effort “to take back America — making it great again.” These groups have always been a threat, but now, with your support they are no longer a threat but have been mobilized into action.

They are strategizing and gaining momentum to act on what they believe: a white America. I am appalled that you have given voice to these terrorist groups. I ask that you do the “right” and “just” thing and calm these hate groups and put the full force of the FBI, Justice Department and other law enforcement agencies to bear on them eliminating their racist efforts (to overthrow our democracy) and bring them to justice.
Mr. President, as a citizen and war veteran, please take time to breathe and with care and compassion, consider me, my family, loved ones and friends who have sweated literal blood and tears in contributing to the greatness of America. The axis and greatness of America rest on the backs of everyday citizens who get up every morning making a concerted effort to contribute to the welfare of America and neighbors no matter their color, religious affiliation, ethnicity or creed.

As an ordained minister of the gospel, and a veteran of war, I will be praying for you to do the “right thing.”

Sincerely, (my apologies, I don’t tweet!)

Lawrence Timothy Evans

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