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Letter to the editor: High school student supports Herring
Letter to the Editor generic


I am a high school student and I shouldn’t be afraid to go to school. I shouldn’t have to worry about the prospect of someone entering my school and attacking me or my fellow students. But I do. A lot of us do. The average citizen shouldn’t be able to obtain semi-automatic weapons such as AR-15s. Many of the mass shootings that have taken place across this country were carried out with these legally purchased weapons. How do we not trust people with alcohol below the age of 21 but trust them with guns that can potentially kill people at 18?

In a candidate forum, Joyce Griggs stated that Congress should enact federal concealed carry reciprocity– requiring that a state recognize another state’s gun-carry laws. In 2015, Buddy Carter co-sponsored H.R. 986, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. The passing of any reciprocity regarding arms would be a dangerous mistake. Implementing such laws would undermine states and their gun laws– which have their own eligibility standards when obtaining a gun– and create an unimaginable fate for America.

Congress must implement sensible gun legislation (red flag laws, safe storage laws, ban on semi-automatics).

The First District needs a representative that will work to stop these senseless attacks in schools and communities across the country. Wade Herring is that candidate! He believes in common-sense gun laws.

Voters all across the district understand the need for someone who can fight the fight. The June 21st runoff is crucial to the future of this district, and I need your help. Vote for Wade Herring on the 21st and be the change you seek. Visit the My Voter Page on the Secretary of State’s website to locate polling locations, ballot statuses, etc. Georgia needs change, and Wade Herring can do that.

Harrison Tran, Savannah

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