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Letter to the editor: Writer weighs in on court decision
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People keep asking me if I am “upset” or angered, as a gay man, by the recent Supreme Court decision that the Catholic church can discriminate against same-sex couples when placing foster children.

No, I am not. But not for the reasons one may assume.

First, I don’t think the Catholic church should have anything at all to do with caring for children, their track record is abysmal.

To a certain degree the Court actually redirected the question-at-hand, the suit wasn’t really about discrimination BY the church; it was about discrimination AGAINST the Catholic church due to a Philadelphia anti-discrimination ordinance.

The City of Philly had rescinded a contract with the local diocese to place children because of the aforementioned ordinance, which states no person or group can discriminate against LGBTQ and do business with the city.

The reason the decision doesn’t upset or anger me is twofold: #1. The so-called church is harmful to society and these anti-LGBTQ policies are causing the pews to empty out. In short, I celebrate that congregations are shrinking.

#2. It gives me hope that Democratic Catholics, including President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, will wake-up and realize one cannot serve two masters. A church that condemns and oppresses and a political party that frees and liberates.

The good they do feeding and assisting the poor doesn’t nearly compensate for the bad they’ve done.

Unless the church reforms. And I see no evidence of that happening. They’re getting worse not better.

I tend to think the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which Villanova University’s theology professor Massimo Faggioli says is “beholden to the agenda of the Republican party” (TIME), is about as anti-US Constitution as one can be.

Their recent announcement to harass Biden about communion, when in fact plenty of pro-death penalty GOP Catholics take communion, tells us they are too political. Pope Francis came in saying he wanted to smooth these rough edges, but he recently proclaimed that Catholic priests who would like to bless same-sex married couples are forbidden from doing so (this sends a terrible you-are-less message to gay youth). Fine, close-up shop.

The church is irrelevant, and doing more harm than good. Or at the very least, tax the church. It’s an ungodly man-centric flesh-driven racket anyway.

Bernie Evans, Black Creek, GA

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