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Letter to editor: Vouchers a GOP ploy to buy votes


I grew up Catholic and each church had a school.

The folks wanted us kids to attend, so dad worked overtime and painted houses on weekends and mom was a waitress. It was their decision and they expected no one to pay their way.

We sent our son to a nearby Christian school. It was over $3,000 per year, but it was our decision so we paid for it ourselves.

Now parents want government vouchers to cover private (mostly religious) school tuition. The argument that this isn’t taking away from public school funding is ridiculous. Vouchers to send students to private school means the public school loses state funding assigned to that student.

For schools losing 25% of their students, income drops 25% but costs don’t because they still need the same things (heating & cooling, maintenance, cleaning, etc) whether full or not. Reduced funding will force cuts wherever possible reducing quality in every area.

This is just a Republican ploy to buy votes. Those eager to get vouchers are the same ones constantly pointing out how Democrats buy votes.

Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Ken Copi, Pembroke

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