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Letter to the editor: Veterans need to close ranks
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There are approximately 70,000 Veterans in the Georgia 1st Congressional District, of which about 2,000 are considered to be the most severely disabled (100% or TDIU).

For many years we have continuously heard about the problems Veterans have, and continue to have, with the VA whether it be health care, benefits, or the dreaded number of suicides happening at a rate of 22 a day. For those same years, we have heard our Representatives swear by goodness that if elected/reelected, they would address and resolve these problems our Veterans face.

Unfortunately, the problems have never been addressed or resolved. It is just another empty campaign promise left unkept.

Lindsey Thomas was the last Veteran to represent the Veterans of Georgia 1st Congressional District. That was 28 years ago. It’s time that your Veteran father, mother, husband, wife, child, sibling, cousin, neighbor, or friend have someone in Congress to represent them who truly has their best interest at heart. Not just someone spouting campaign rhetoric every 2 years to keep getting reelected and wallow in the swamp.

A well know truism of all who have served, “Life has a flavor the protected shall never know” rings true even today.

Veteran candidate Danny Merritt has promised to address all the problems his brother and sister Veterans are experiencing with the VA. By voting for Veteran Danny Merritt, Georgia 1st Congressional District voters will follow the lead of the California 25th Congressional District voters who just elected a Veteran to represent them. Together they will be a force to reckon with and will help President Trump drain the swamp and treat our Veterans as they should be treated. Respectfully,

Bruce A. McCartney, Midway, Georgia

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