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Letter to the editor: Thankful for freedom
Letter to the Editor generic


Americans are blessed with freedoms that people of many nations dream they could have. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government comprise the five basic freedoms; yet, we enjoy many more freedoms such as voting.

 While fighting for our freedoms, Matthew Freeman lost his life in 2009, in Afghanistan. Richmond Hill hailed him as their Hometown Hero and named the road of the new county office building— Captain Matthew Freeman Drive. I loved having Matt in my classroom and on Student Council. He was enthusiastic, positive, persistent, and passionate about whatever task was before him! Matt had a strong moral compass and always fought for what he believed God desired. Like his father and grandfather, Matt graduated from the Naval Academy. When word came that day to the high school that Matt had been killed, I emailed Martha Coffield at the middle school and said please tell me this isn’t true. We were devastated.

Matt’s mother Lisa Freeman has told me many times that his last words to her were to save the children. She sent thousands of pounds of pens and paper to the children in Afghanistan, made teddy bears from uniforms of the fallen for the children who had lost parents that were killed in battle or who had lost parents to combat-related suicide, and offered scholarships to siblings of the fallen and scholarships to high school seniors. Thank you, Lisa, for fighting for children! And for putting yourself out on that limb to now open people’s eyes about the gradual changes that have occurred in schools. Lisa Freeman’s views have been met with strong criticism and slander by some and quiet thankfulness and support by others.

Today, Bryan County has many great educators and support staff! They and the students deserve to have strong individuals who are independent thinkers on the School Board.

Lisa Freeman is fighting as her son Matthew would. I am thankful for people like Lisa Freeman who are willing to take a stand and make a difference. I am thankful for Matthew Freeman and our great military for fighting for our freedoms, such as free speech! All of us need to be thankful for our freedom to voice our opinions by voting. Next week’s Bryan County Primary on May 24 is crucial!

We are blessed to live in the best nation in the world!

Lee Ergle, Richmond Hill

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