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Letter to editor: Some hopes for our young people
Letter to the Editor generic


Our community is getting ready to celebrate the end of another school year very soon and helping their children or young people adjust to the first important decision of their lives. Whether they seek higher education through academia or decide on pursuing a career through a tech school to learn a trade that can be rewarding we all want to encourage them to succeed.

I’d like to add that on the job training can also be rewarding. Always remind them to stay focused on their goals. Their journey has just begun and their real education is about to start. Unfortunately like a lot of experience we’ve learned over a life time we can’t pass on to anyone but we hope they have picked up from watching and observing us.

That includes the good and bad and knowing the difference. Also they need to develop a strong work ethic that includes good manners (that alone will carry you far) plus modest dressing helps as well.

Fact being you’ll be judged daily in life no matter what your doing and find yourself doing it as well. And never overlook the importance of common sense that you’ll need to apply for balance against bad advice or poor information. Go forth to prosper as it can only be done in America.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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