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Letter to the editor: Richmond Hill Library should be made a priority
RH Library
The Richmond Hill Library is on Ford Avenue. - photo by File photo


I am writing because of the concern I have about our library. I went to the open house for our new library and was surprised to see the small turnout. There were no commissioners present and very few parents. Senior citizens were in the majority.

The proposed drawing for a new library was beautiful. The library we have is 8,000 square feet, the one we need is 24,000 square feet and the one we can afford for $3.5 million is 13,000 square feet.

For this price we will remodel the existing building, get a little more parking, better entrance and exit to the library, and an additional 5,000 square feet. It is a disgrace that with the growth in our city and number of schools we have that we cannot afford a 24,000 square foot library.

The library is an integral part of our community as are our schools. Our children are the most important part of Richmond Hill and we should put them above everything.

What we do is for their future. I know in order to do this it will require the entire community to get this done. I have to start somewhere and you all are my first start.

I am not giving you problems without solutions, however.

Problem: we need a better location for the library.

Solution: I am sure there’s a better site that is county owned that could be used.

Problem: We need more money.

Solution: Set an increase in taxes for two or three years for new library only. Increase ESPLOST. Bonds.

Fundraisers. Georgia Lottery. Donations from Gulfstream, Georgia Ports, or other large Savannah business.

Parents, is it not enough and sad that our children had to write letters and march on Washington so that they can stay alive while trying to get an education. Our children have to change laws that we put into action, sad. We can work together to give them a library that’s beyond adequate. How many subdivisions do we need in this little city? I am not saying that we should stop progress, but when is enough, enough? When do we realize that our children are our greatest possession?

Seniors and children are very important to me. Seniors are our road maps to the past and children are our road maps to the future.

Wilhelmina Jefferies Richmond Hill

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