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Letter to the editor: Resident speaks on warehouse article (Nov 9)

I read the article about the concerns of people with the massive development on our end of the county and as usual, they’re a day late and dollar short. They should have started a campaign of rampage against it before the government spent taxpayers money and corporations plowed millions of their private money into the projects.

You can’t stop a moving train. I didn’t want it and don’t want it because I’m selfish and like peace and quiet in rural areas. The people coming here supposedly to improve their lives but they bring change and chaos. But mostly they’ll want the government to do more and I prefer to do it for myself and so should they. Increasing private sector taxpayers’ burden means the government will grow and government is a cancer that grows beyond control and destroys society and independence. Personally I find treehuggers to be a threat to all our lives–they are like squirrels in the road all over the place. This end of the county will wind up as miserable as Pooler and Savannah. In the long haul our pristine community could copy the cesspool of Atlanta.

Welcome to our community of flyover country and make memories.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell, Georgia

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