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Letter to the editor: Republicans sometimes give him whiplash
Letter to the Editor generic


First, I want to thank my readers and supporters, often fellow Democrats but not always, who took the time to look me up on Facebook, etc., and say kind things (mostly). I apologize that I am no longer included in the columnist line-up.

The following is part two from my December column; after submitting it, I was told, “We are no longer running ‘local’ columnists.”

So where were we before I was so rudely interrupted?

That’s right, “radical’s radical” preachers and new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB).

It’s funny really, sometimes I get whiplash trying to keep up with what’s good for the Republicans and what’s not. Maybe it’s a case of the goose and the gander.

They love to squawk on and on about the “socialist” bogeyman (forget that Social Security, Medicare, etc., are the most successful socialist programs on Earth; beneficiaries paying in changes nothing).

The fly in their stingy ointment: ACB’s family is part of a ministry/community called People of Praise, which is something I know a little about. It’s the same type of organization I once belonged to in Chicago, Jesus People, USA: a “charismatic Christian” commune. Members live in common housing, or neighborhood.

People of Praise’s mission statement reads the same too: “All of life and possessions in common so that there are no needy persons among them.”

Socialism, commies.

With this being the Christmas season and all this talk about radicals and Jesus, and going into a new year and a new presidential administration that promises to turn away from the GOP’s divisive hatreds, what better time to think about America’s struggles.

For centuries we have fought over Who is Included and Who is Not.

We have made great strides. But some want the courts to take it all away; hence, the senate and ACB and company.

But in the same way that nothing can fill the pews made empty by the false prophets of modern churchdom, government cannot easily adjudicate backwards and strip people of rights.

I really wish I could trust socialist Amy Coney Barrett not to join the trashing of our past accomplishments (it’s weird how the religious right’s focus is condemnation and control and the left’s is individual liberty and the charitable life). But her recent vote to re-decide a now-moot issue about coronavirus restrictions and large gatherings tells me she will enforce hardened religious dogma/ ideology over good governance. Which is to say, like other Republican-appointed justices, she misled the judicial committee regarding “respecting precedence.”

More than one justice- not-doing-justice is wholly illegitimate anyway.

All in all, optimism, be of good cheer, Biden-Harris, liberals who actually believe in our constitutional founding values, will be working it all out.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

Bernie Evans, Black Creek

 Editor’s note: Due to a company mandate, the News is no longer running columns on the opinion pages from local writers focusing on national politics, no matter their slant. We will continue to run nationally syndicated columnists Rich Lowry and Bob Franken, as well as columns from community writers in other areas, such as history and lifestyle. In the meantime, Mr. Evans is welcome to express his opinions in letters to the editor.

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