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Letter to the editor: Remember to follow the money
Letter to the Editor generic


Follow the money.

Why all the hullabaloo about facemasks when renown scientists say that facemasks simply don’t work? Why did Faucie go from a ‘wear one’ policy to ‘don’t wear any because they are useless’, to ‘wear two for double protection’?

Why is ‘the shot’ called a vaccine when it is not? Why is the government insisting that children be injected when there appears to be literally zero danger of them catching, transmitting or suffering from any of the China viruses? There are however, serious questions about how the shots could negatively affect children’s present and future health.

Why does the House of Representatives have face masks with “Made in China” stamped on the side? A cruel communist nation that enslaves its’ people and is practicing genocide! China, by any measure, is the USA’s greatest enemy, politically, economically and militarily. They are the source of the virus that has upended the world. They refuse to allow scientific investigations to prove the obvious. I fear that many within our leadership are selling their souls to the People’s Republic of China for fools’ gold.

American citizens are being denied their rights and imprisoned for not obeying the unconstitutional orders of maniacal politicians. Rules seem to change every day according to the whims of a few self- appointed dictators.

There are approximately 330 million American citizens in the United States and about 30 million more yet to be classified because we don’t know who or where they are.

A conservative number would be that 250 million American citizens are toeing the line, wearing masks daily and some wearing multiple numbers of masks daily. Pick your own number to work with. 250 million times 7 days equals one billion, seven hundred and fifty million masks a week. Most of those masks are apparently coming from China!

The powers that be within the CDC advised everyone to buy N95 or FN95 masks. The FN95 is manufactured in China and available. Try to find an N95 mask. Try to find hand sanitizers that are not made in China!

Then we have the so called “vaccines”. 250 million times three, (two shots and a booster) is 750 million added to one billion, seven hundred and fifty million masks which adds up to two billion, five hundred million items to be purchased from big Pharma and China. Lets’ give each item a wholesale cost of a dollar each. The shots are probably more than that. That gives us a conservative two billion, 500 million dollars minimum cost unless I dropped a zero or something along the way! Now add a full year of masks at one billion, 750 million a week for 51 more weeks!

My calculator just melted! I need to borrow one from the U.S. Government that comes with a book of instructions as to how to abscond with the American people’s hard earned wages.

We are at or over a trillion used up medical items and an equal cost! Add in the five hundred million “free” unnecessary test kits other than to supply the Black Market, to be generously mailed to every house hold for another minimum half billion dollars wasted.

Throw in the stacks of medical materials that are packed into our emergency rooms, drugstores and hospitals manufactured in China. Add a couple of more billion dollars. I was in a doctor’s office the other day. I could not find anything, with few exceptions, made anywhere but China! Those items are a large part of over two trillion dollars already earmarked to fight the virus and fatten some wallets.

Add in the fact that our leadership in Washington knows exactly who is going to get the contract to supply the above described disaster. Big Pharma and China! Many of our leaders are also probably anticipating how big the kickback might be in their personal mailboxes and investment portfolios.

Why is the NBA not just wearing, but actually promoting tennis shoes made by slave labor in China? Why are college football teams and staff wearing gear with the very familiar NIKE emblem on it? That includes many SEC teams and our beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

NIKE is a company whose CEO proudly announced publicly that they were a Chinese company! Oh sure their home office is in the USA for obvious reasons. Go to: markets/nike-brand-of-china-ceo-says. Read for yourself.

Why do American baseball bat, ball and glove manufacturing companies go out of business because they can’t compete with China’s slave labor?

Sports organizations at every level are promoting a country that is conducting genocide! China! Our participation in the upcoming summer Olympics is our endorsement of their inhumane communist system. Meanwhile China is getting flush with cash to build more aircraft carriers and hypersonic missiles. The latter is a perfect weapon for destroying our satellite systems.

Think about it! Follow the money.

Roy Hubbard, Richmond Hill

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