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Letter to the editor: Reader speaks out on Pembroke developer

Dear Editor:

James Dasher came to Pembroke expecting to slide by the rubes on city council with his smart, wonderfully planned development. Now he is outraged that they caved in to the barbarians at the gate and were prepared to vote this down. One of the most disturbing aspects of his rant is the lack of comprehension of how our democracy works. In this neck of the woods, those angry citizens are called “Voters”. You know, those people that elect their representatives based on what they promise to do while in office.

Every member of the council ran on a platform of controlled growth and preserving the history and character of Pembroke. Mr Dasher’s proposed developments didn’t fit either. The 795 residences would increase the population on Wildwood Church Road by roughly 5,000%, and regardless of what he says now, everyone at those meetings heard the number 795 come out of his mouth. The only reason there was initial interest was the need for an increased tax base and the fact that he came first. Newer offers surfaced, and all of these fit the intent better than “North Pembroke”.

Also upsetting is his continued reference to his wonderful plan. A plan has details, Mr Dasher offered a vision and pretty pictures. There would be some sort of combination of homes, townhomes, and apartments. They might look like this or that, with various settings of how they might be clustered. Many “amenities” were presented, but at the top of the list it merely said they “May be added”. Keep it vague, promise nothing.

I salute Pembroke’s City Council for doing all they can to increase the tax base to make Pembroke more solvent, but still trying to keep their campaign promises on growth.

Ken Copi, Pembroke, Georgia

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