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Letter to the editor: Reader shares his thoughts on voting

Dear Editor:

It’s time to eat humble pie... and admit we made a mistake.

There comes a time in life to take our losses and move on.

Yes, We’re talking about our Dominion Voting Machines.

In 2019, We unwisely followed the advice of our SOS Brad Raffensperger and spent thousands of dollars purchasing Dominion voting machines for the county. Yes, we were gullible. We were too trusting back then.

But now we know. After 4 years, the evidence is in and “piling up.”

#1. It’s time to stop following Brad Raffensperger Raffensperger has been sued for his incompetence in running our elections.

Raffensperger has been running away from those who want to hold him accountable.

He was a no-show both at the GA Senate hearings and at his most recent trial.

Senate Bill 348, co-sponsored by our State Senator, Dr. Ben Watson, was recently introduced to remove him from the State Elections Board.

#2. It’s time to fix our mistakes & get rid of our Dominion Voting Machines.

Dominion voting machines have messed up multiple elections.

2020 - Dominion voting machines were caught switching votes in Mesa Co, CO 2022- Dominion machines completely flipped the election results in Dekalb Co, GA.

2022- Maricopa, Co - 20% of Dominion Machines malfunctioned, messing up the election.

2023 - The 96 pg Halderman report described 7 different ways one could alter election outcomes Just last month, Halderman, using only a BIC Pen, right in front of the Federal Judge, hacked into a Dominion voting machine- allowing him to copy or delete files, or install or remove software. Saying, “there are no limits to what can be done to the ballot data on this machine.”

On December 12, 2023 a Dominion employee Eric Cumer testified under oath, “Our equipment is riddled with bugs. Our products suck.”

The Lemon Law was passed to protect consumers: “Any defect that impairs the use or causes a safety hazard.” Well…Dominion Machines are clearly a hazard to “Safety in elections.”

We have a very important election coming up this year and the good citizens of Bryan County don’t want to be stuck with these Lemons–these voting machines that are defective and untrustworthy. It’s time to return the Dominion machines and get our money back.

Thomas Seaman, Richmond Hill, Georgia

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