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Letter to the editor: Reader pens rebuttal to February letter

Dear Editor:

I write to counter David Kyler's assertion in his February letter that Georgia's economy can thrive without fossil fuels. His viewpoint overlooks the critical role of energy reliability and efficiency gains made by the US and our state's economy, particularly over the last two decades, and conspicuously omits global comparisons.

Georgia's economic strength is in part due to our diverse natural resources. The Hyundai EV Metaplant, for instance, is creating thousands of high-paying jobs, meaningfully improving our community. Bryan County's rapid growth further demonstrates the advantages of our state's balanced energy approach. 

Crucially, Kyler omits the context of global carbon dioxide emissions. The author fails to acknowledge the unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide from China and India. Outside of these two nations, the rest of the world's fossil fuel emissions in 2023 decreased by 419 million metric tons in 2023, and the US outpaced this by reducing its emissions by 154 million metric tons. This is significant compared to China and India's rising emissions, highlighting a crucial disparity Kyler fails to address. The U.S.'s 17% reduction in carbon emissions over two decades, alongside GDP growth, showcases our nation's strides towards efficiency. 

Georgia's leadership in solar energy, resilience against blackouts and brownouts, and the attraction of businesses for our reliable, affordable energy exemplify the success of our comprehensive energy strategy. According to the 2022 Georgia Energy Report, the number of BTU's consumed per person have dropped 31% from 1996 to 2020. This decrease is an indicator of Georgia's progression towards energy efficiency, and further punctuates our business climate attractiveness. 

Our state's efforts, including advanced nuclear units and a mix of renewable and traditional energy sources, bolster our competitiveness and national security, promising a bright future.

Georgia's model of balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility is a beacon of sustainable development, underscoring the need for a nuanced and effective approach to energy policy.

Tim Lowe

St Simons Island

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