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Letter to the editor: Our Democracy is in danger
Letter to the Editor generic


Congressman Thompson was correct when he said, “Our democracy is in danger. There is a conspiracy to thwart the will of the people.”

The problem is that the House Committee is so overcome by their hate for President Trump, that they are blinded to the true source of the danger to our Democracy.

1. These committee hearings are all based on opinions and emotions, they are not looking seriously at the evidence concerning whether the 2020 election was stolen or not.

2. Because the committee is extremely biased and one sided, only calling as witnesses those whose testimony supports their opinions, it is abundantly clear they are not really seeking for the truth or trying to save our democracy, they only playing a political game and attacking President Trump.

Congressman Thompson was correct when he said, “There is a conspiracy to thwart the will of the people.”

But it is the Democrats, not Trump, who is conspiring against the people. It was the Democrat party who hatched the conspiracy to steal the 2020 election. It is an accepted fact in history that the Democracy party has been stuffing ballot boxes for over 100 years. Tammany Hall in NYC, Richard J. Daley in Chicago, the Pendergast machine in Kansas City, others in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Detroit. In 2020, the corrupt Democrats out did themselves and once again devised a strategic plan to stuff the ballot boxes in key states.

AG Barr was perhaps ignorant about the election fraud going on. But after a year of investigating the 2020 election, there is now a wealth of indisputable facts that prove that there was a highly organized conspiracy to steal the 2020 election. While the states were slow and the FBI was negligent to investigate, one organization “True The Vote” discovered the truth.

In the state of Georgia, there were 242 individuals who were paid $10 per ballot by Democratic organizations to place multiple ballots (5+) in an average of 22 different Ballot drop boxes. (Ballot Trafficking!)

Do the math. Those illegal 26,620 votes were enough to steal the state of Georgia for Biden.

This same conspiracy to steal the election was carried out in 4 other swing states: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump was right. There was massive voter fraud.

The Facts are clear. It’s the Democrats who have conspired to “thwart the will of the people.” President Trump is fighting to expose the corruption in the 2020 Election because...

“Without fair and free elections there is no true Democracy.”

Tom Seaman, Richmond Hill

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