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Letter to the editor: The Orwellian future is almost now
Letter to the Editor generic


We are as close to being a socialist government or worse yet a communist regime as we’re ever going to get. I don’t want my children or my grandkids fighting against an enemy that for all intent and purposes that has as much in common with our present institutional government as any of them.

 I don’t want our young people dying for a Orwellian future that the present generation of politicians seems to embrace for the sake of power. I might add that a lot of people especially young people because of institutional teaching utilizing propaganda over a period of time have bought into the concept that government is good. When in fact it thrives and leeches off the lower segment of what we acknowledge as the middle class. 

They can take all the money from the wealthy but would still need your dollars in order to maintain their lifestyle and power structure. We are the proles they need to exist.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell Ga

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