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Letter to the editor: Opinions may differ, but facts are facts
Letter to the Editor generic


I read with interest the letter in the June 16 edition entitled “Our Democracy is in danger”. The First Amendment provides all of us the right of free speech, whether or not it is popular with everyone, or anyone else. Clearly one is entitled to his/her own opinion, but not his/her own facts.

The writer referenced the House Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 “event” at the United States Capitol and said “Our Democracy is in danger,” and proceeded to outline the reasoning.

There may be some both personal and political animosity toward the former president by the members of the Committee, but the bipartisan hearings have provided some really eye-opening information concerning the events up to, during and following the riot at the Capitol. One may remember that when the Committee was being formed, it was proposed that there be an equal number of Democrats and Republicans on the Committee, which was originally agreed upon, then later rejected by the Republicans.

1. “The committee hearings are all based on opinions and emotions, they are not looking seriously at the evidence concerning whether the 2020 election was stolen or not.”

The FACT is that this Committee was not constituted to investigate election results, but rather the events surrounding the January 6 riot at the Capitol. When the former president and his supporters were concerned about possible voter fraud, those allegations were investigated by the United States Department of Justice, headed by William Barr (a Trump appointee) with no evidence of substantial voter fraud found. When Trump and/or supporters filed 62 lawsuits alleging voter fraud, they LOST 61 of those cases.

2. “The committee is extremely biased and one sided, only calling as witnesses those whose testimony supports their opinions….not really seeking the truth or trying to save our democracy…playing political games and attacking President Trump.” The FACT is that this Committee has talked to over 1,000 witnesses who were involved in some manner up to, during, or after the riot. Does one really believe that the Committee “screened” witnesses to come up with those 1,000 that testified? In FACT, the most damning testimony that has been released thus far has come from individuals in the Trump administration or his related orbit, and from many who worked in the White House.

The writer continues with a discussion of prior political machines that existed in years past, much of which is probably more accurate than not. However, the comment that, “In 2020, the corrupt democrats out did themselves and once again devised a strategic plan to stuff the ballot boxes in key states.” The FACTS as determined by the United States Department of Justice and the judicial system in this country do not support this statement, and determined this was not true.

The organization “True the Vote” is cited as an authority for…”discovering the truth” about …”a highly organized conspiracy to steal the 2020 election.” One is advised to research True the Vote and judge for yourself their credibility.

Some published comments regarding True the Vote are as follows: The Huffington Post – True the Vote presents false findings.”

Newsweek – GOP donor who gave $2.5 million to find Biden voter fraud says he was duped by True the Vote Nonprofit” The Texas Tribune – “She (founder Catherine Englebrecht) helped create the Big Lie. Records suggest she turned it into a big grift.”

Steve Rosenfield (Independent Media Institute) –” True the Vote filed lawsuits that were ridiculed by Republican judges. True the Vote is known for making outsized allegations based on shoddy methodology and withholding evidence to support its claims.”

The writer further stated that “In the State of Georgia, there were 242 individuals who were paid $10 per ballot ….to place multiple ballots (5+) in an average of 22 Ballot drop boxes. That would have generated 26,620 votes , enough to steal the state of Georgia for Biden.”

The FACT is that any and every allegation of voter fraud in Georgia was investigated by either Federal or State authorities as well as the Georgia Secretary of State with no findings of significant fraud. In FACT, the only attempt at significant fraud in Georgia that has been verified is that which was tape recorded by the Georgia Secretary of State when then President Trump tried to get Secretary Raffensperger to “…find 11,780 votes.” And doesn’t it seem that with Georgia having a Republican Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State they would have preferred a different outcome to the election, if at all legally possible?

Likewise, the allegation that the same conspiracy to steal the election was carried out in other states is erroneous. In FACT, following various investigations and audits, no findings of substantial fraud were found in any of those states.

The one comment with which I agree with the original writer is …”The Facts are clear”. Unfortunately, just not the “alternative facts” enumerated in the original letter.

We can agree or disagree with our political leaders, their policies or their decisions, and have the right to comment accordingly. Yes, we can all have different opinions, but not different facts. I urge everyone to check and double check “facts” that are given to support a position, no matter where you read or hear them.

Respectfully submitted, 

Charles Buckner, Richmond Hill

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