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Letter to the editor: Let workers invest Social Security contributions


During this election cycle once again politicians are using Social Security as a threat against seniors. President George W. Bush did try to do one thing that never got off the ground but should have gotten more attention and should be done for younger generations.

He wanted to allow employees to move a percentage of their social security contributions to a 401K plan.

Personally I’d like all our contributions to go towards investments but not everyone agrees with that possibility.

It was a great idea then and more importantly its a great idea now that needs serious discussion for future generations. If there had been something comparable when the concept of financial subsistence for seniors was originally considered it would have been better for all concerned.

Taxpayers would be rewarded with larger pension in long run and govt wouldn’t be allowed to raid accounts for political gain. LBJ was responsible for the Social Security trust fund being moved into general funding and used to pay for pet projects decided by politicians to be important.

At that time in history he needed financing for the Vietnam War and Social Security was a largesse up till that moment had been untouchable.

The problem of course is government has absolutely no monetary discipline whatsoever and abuses taxpayer money at every opportunity.

Politicians on every election cycle use Social Security to instill fear in older people that have no other source of income for political gains, sadly with some success.

Out of concern for their pension seniors become distraught and can be swayed to change vote. This has to change and should be a priority in the new congress after midterms.

It’s just plain good for citizens coming of age in a system in dire straits because of government abuse.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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