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Letter to the Editor: At least the rich paid for their mess
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Wrong is wrong. I equate the illegals coming into our country illegally as doing the same thing as these rich people who paid to get their children into colleges and am appalled and angry that our politicians support the illegals while condemning the Hollywood crowd.

Both the illegals and Hollywood crowd should be criticized as they are teaching a bad lesson of cheating to their children. The rich got caught and it reflects on the children as their children are taken out of school. The illegals break the law and the Democrats/Socialists say well you can stay even if you are illegal!

Wrong is wrong and, yes we can be sorry for the children, but they have only their families to blame. A lesson must be learned and the illegals should be made to come in the right way and the rich families’ children should take their own tests, or cheating will be a way of life for these children.

And I’m tired of my politicians making me pay for the- house hold, $1,000 every year. At least the rich paid for their mess.

Liz Bartlett 

Richmond Hill

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