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Letter to the editor: Improvements to infrastructure should require the removal of old infrastructure
Letter to the Editor generic


I have a concern about all the infrastructure improvements we are hearing about.

My concern is that whatever permitting process we have in the county or city of Richmond Hill, there doesn’t seem to be a requirement for the improvers to remove old infrastructure.

This has been my observation for a while, but when it occurred in my front yard it got personal.

It seems to me that any infrastructure permits granted by our local governments should include, in the interest of the citizens of the community, a requirement that all old infrastructure be disappeared and properly disposed of, either by the improver at their expense, or by the city or county depending on location.

Please tell me how we can make that happen.

Tom Byrnes, Richmond Hill

A photo of the remains of a cable/phone box, or old infrastructure, left behind in Richmond Hill.
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