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Letter to the editor: If Democrats and RINOs have their way


If Democrats have their way (never forget the RINOS) and socialism becomes our way of life then certain things should be done to prevent domination.

The first thing to do is get trade jobs that even elitist socialists require to maintain their status and lifestyle.

They won’t get their hands soiled and can’t fix absolutely nothing. That will keep you above the fray between the haves (being deep state bureaucrats) and have nots (leeches that sponge off working class using government to do their bidding for scraps).

They are called useful fools and stooges or voters in the cabal . No matter how cocky deep state bureaucrats get they want to maintain their utopia. After all they’re above you and all citizens in flyover country. And if you’re not wanting to try and maintain any concealed independence or desire for then get a government position or job that doesn’t require any form of self discipline other than doing as told.

Your loyalties are supposed to be to the Constitution and nation but that’s all changed. Your soul now belongs to government. Do as told and you’ll be rewarded and taken care of. You’ll also be told your job will be based on equity not merit.

Knowledge isn’t necessary or important just do as told doctor, lawyer, enforcer or professional yes man/woman.

You can choose your preferred gender so don’t get hoofty. Those proles beneath you will be required to assure your comfort.

A good socialist is a great sheeple and great follower. Your future isn’t in good hands but you wanted to submit to others and gotten your wish.

You had the greatest gift known to mankind but gave up responsibility for a security blanket that doesn’t exist. You can thank mostly your parents and educators for your demise.

Go forth not to prosper but to be an equal opportunity loser.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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