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Letter to the editor: Hopefully none of you fall for this scam
Letter to the Editor generic


On a recent morning I was awakened at 8:11 a.m. by a telephone call, the person on the phone identified himself as my grandson. He apologized for sounding funny, he said he had been to a wedding and drank some champagne, had a wreck on his way home suffering a broken nose and cuts to his face. He said he was in jail and could I post his bond. He gave me a case number and said his public defender would give me a call with the details.

I got up and checked my caller ID. At 8:24 am I received a phone call from a person identifying as John Mathews a public defender. He stated the bond amount was $6,700. I told him no way I could afford that, he asked if I could manage $4000, I told him no way, he then said could I do $950, I told him it would be a stretch even to do that amount. All of a sudden we got disconnected I then checked the caller ID, the call came from a different number in Connecticut, not a local area code. I called my son and told him about the phone calls, he called my my grandson, my grandson then called me and said he was working last night and that he had not been in any accidents.

So this was a scam. If I had not been cautious and wanting verification it could have been bad. This needs to be brought to the attention of your readers. Always ask for some kind of verification something only the person involved would know. I have reported this incident to the Bryan County Sheriff ’s Department.

Hopefully none of your readers falls for this scam.

Paul A Kuntz Jr, Ellabell. Ga

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