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Letter to the editor: Get back to the Three Rs in education
Letter to the Editor generic


It has come to my attention that apparently north Bryan County Schools believes beyond DNA being a fact that they think they have to compromise for the children you understand that there’s several genders other than male or female. Those of us living in the real world know this not to be true. It’s really quiet simple “junk” vs “lack of junk”.

Get an intelligent educator with common sense to explain the difference if necessary not someone that has been indoctrinated by a government stool pigeon. There’s no need for a male with an identity problem being allowed in a girl’s locker room or powder room or vice versus. If you identify as any other of the misfits out there then do the proper thing since your family hasn’t taken the necessary steps to get you help and ask for mental health assistance so that the confusion you are experiencing can be dealt with properly.

 Our public education system has one and only one mission that should be followed that being to concentrate on the 3R’s for the survival in the real world and advance subjects for those that seek further education. If teachers are involved with the PC being used to indoctrinate our youth they should be given walking papers and removed. They are vulnerable and don’t need more confusion about who they are. A life experience will resolve most of the issues they are dealing with and parents can fill in the gaps. Thanks for your time.

Ed Edwards, Ellabell

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